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Chao Chiun provides non-woven fabric machinery, thermobonding line and other textile industry machinery and equipment, which can be applied to the production needs of various industries. Let Chao Chiun Mechanical be your manufacturing machinery partner.


Auto Parts Industry

The textile machinery provided by Chao Chiun Mechanical, such as calenders, non-woven ovens, thermobonding line, etc., can help you produce special heat insulation and sound insulation felts for automobiles. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.


Shoe Material Industry

Chao Chiun Mechanical has always been a leader in the field of functional textiles. Its product applications include shoes, shoe materials, etc., through the production of precision textile industrial equipment such as calenders. Chao Chiun provides comprehensive testing and production equipment to serve a wide range of customers. Integrity, speed, responsibility and diligence are our promises to customers.


Daily Cleaning Supplies Industry - Wipes

Chao Chiun Mechanical is a manufacturer of non-woven machinery and equipment, providing customers with thermobonding line, calenders, ovens, etc. The products that can be produced include general consumer products such as daily cleaning products like wipes and scouring pad. We provide customized services to meet the changes in customer product diversity and demand from domestic and foreign industries. Welcome to contact us.


Air Filter Industry

Chao Chiun is a professional textile equipment and machinery supplier. The machinery provided can produce filter textiles for various industries, such as: mask melt blowing, air filter materials. Chao Chiun’s professional textile equipment has filter material production technology, and related testing equipment is quite complete. Chao Chiun can assist you in the development of high-value air filter materials.


Interior Decoration Industry - Acoustic Insulation Cotton

In addition to the application of non-woven products, Chao Chiun can assist you in manufacturing more cotton processed products, such as sound-proof cotton and other sound-proof building materials. We customize the equipment production line for you on precision processing machinery, and provide you with high-quality and efficient output with a professional R&D and design team and one-stop production line. Contact us for more details.


Interior Furniture Industry

In addition to cutting machines, we also provide high-quality fabric calender machine, nonwoven drying oven machine, cotton blenders, and glue spraying equipment to support the production of quilts, office furniture, medical breathable mattresses and other indoor furniture related products. Chao Chiun Mechanical has strong independent design and manufacturing capabilities and high flexibility in customized production capabilities. Welcome to contact us!

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