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We are the manufacturer of no woven fabric machine from TAIWAN since 1984. We offer High-Quality, High-Capacity, Efficient, Safe, and Environmentally-friendly Nonwoven equipment.

Thermal bonding Nonwoven fabric machine plant is automatic. It is composed of 40” bale opener、60” Pre-opener、60” Fine opener、Fiber Mixer、Feeder、Carding machine、Oven(forming)、Cutter & Winder. It is mainly used to produce mattress, cushion, and resilient felt needs utilizing low melt fibers in various percentages as the bonding medium.

In addition:

  1. Product width: 2800mm
  2. Product GSM: 25-125
  3. Capacity: For example, 50GSM ES mask cotton, 1.5ton/12hr
  4. Main material: polyesters, such as PET, PP 1.5~6d length, 31~51mm polyester fiber, and ES low-melting-point fiber
  5. Video technical support、Online support
  6. The above parameter is a common machine parameter. If you have special requirements, we can make the machine according to your request

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