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1.What Is a Nonwoven Drying Oven Machine?

The drying oven machine is a kind of heating mechanical equipment, and its main purpose is to uniform and keep the long-term constant temperature heating of non-woven fabric processing objects. The hot-melt fiber web or semi-finished non-woven fabric is wrapped in low-melting fiber, and when hot air passing through it would achieve a certain thickness and hardness.

Chao Chiun can choose different heating methods according to the type of nonwoven fabric and the composition of the fiber, such as electric heating, gas burner, diesel burner, hot kerosene boiler, etc., can be matched with different conveying methods, such as Teflon conveyor net, plating zinc conveyor net, polyester conveyor net, etc. The nonwoven drying oven machine is equipped with a safety monitoring device, when the temperature is too high, it will automatically stop heating.

2.Features and Applications

The non-woven products manufactured by the drying oven machine have the following characteristics:
1.Guarantee uniform temperature with an excellent design
2.Reduce heat loss effectively, and use special test equipment to test the fan performance and adjust it to the best performance, thereby effectively reducing energy consumption
3.Run smoothly with low vibration and wearing rate

The rising cost of energy and greater awareness of the environmental impact of latex bonding led to a change in direction. A comparison of energy consumption by various web bonding processes is given which shows a considerable energy saving for the thermal bonding process. The high production rates possible with thermal bonding and the significant energy savings as compared to chemical bonding, due to the absence of significant water evaporation during bonding, makes oven processing equipment economically attractive. In contrast to chemical bonding, the environmental impact of the process is also significantly reduced. The growing market demand for disposable and durable products spurred developments in new thermoplastic and thermoset materials in the form of powder, films, webs, hot melt compounds as well as improved production methods. This has greatly increased the diversity of products that can be manufactured by the thermal bonding process.

The characteristics of Chao Chiun nonwoven drying oven machine are that the oven air door can be switched, we design the cleaning hole, which is easy to maintain and clean, which can effectively reduce the maintenance cost. The machine can be used in automobiles, bedding, medical supplies, such as heat insulation and sound insulation decoration, mask melt blowing, air filter materials, and other nonwoven products. In daily necessities, it can also produce mattresses, medical breathable mattresses, comforter, office furniture, etc.

Chao Chiun Machinery provides a variety of professional precision nonwoven drying oven machines, covering thermobonding oven one conveyor, thermobonding oven double conveyor, roller conveyor nonwoven oven, multilayer nonwoven oven, infrared nonwoven oven, etc. Chao Chiun customizes suitable models and equipment for customers and provides the best design through the company's professional design and planning capabilities to achieve the best performance of machinery and equipment. We purchase windmill performance testing equipment to ensure the multi-function and convenient operation and adjustment of the machine. We work to be a professional and high-quality machine supplier to enhance worldwide customers' production advantages. If you have further inquiries regarding nonwoven drying oven machine equipment, please contact us.

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