Product Name : Nonwoven Smoothing Calender
Product Description


  • After thermofixing or thermobonding ovens,the products are smoothed by the nonwoven smoothing calender.
  • Chromium-plated or Teflon coating on the surface of the nonwoven smoothing calender roller
  • The gap between the pressure rollers of the nonwoven smoothing calender can be adjusted
  • Independent temperature control. Temperature can be adjusted according to processing requirements

Applications: Needle-punched carpets, wiping cloths, geotextiles, wiping cloths and other non-woven fabrics.

Nonwoven Smoothing Calender

The nonwoven smoothing calender can iron the surface of the fiber product heated by the oven, and the surface of the non-woven product is flattened by the high temperature of the roller surface without obvious independent fibers.
Function: Through the heat between the hot-pressing rollers, the cloth will be smoothed, which is equivalent to the function of ironing.


Technical parameters

Working width 1000-6000mm
Production speed 5-50M/min
Max working temp 250℃
Heating systems Electric heat exchangers
Heat transfer oil boiler
Working pressure 10kg/cm
Roll surface Chromium palting /PTFE coating
Adjusting of the roll distance Electric
Hydraulic cylinder
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