Product Name : Three Roll Calender Machine
Product Description


  • The rolls heated by electrical heating or thermal conductive oil circulation .After melting the low-melting fiber inside the product, the product is solidified and formed.
  • Excellent design and precise processing ensure the heat transfer efficiency of the heating wheel surface. It does not only reduce energy consumption but also ensures a good surface effect
  • Uniform temperature. Wheel surface temperature difference: ±2℃
  • Accurate control of product thickness
  • Measuring distance with electronic ruler. Fast and effective
  • Chromium-plated of the calender heating roller
  • The gap between the heating rollers of the calender machine can be adjusted
  • Independent temperature control. Temperature can be adjusted according to processing requirements

Applications: Needle-punched carpets, shoes inner pad, geotextiles, wiping cloths and other non-woven fabrics.


Three Roll Hot Calender Machine

The 3 roll hot calender machine is generally used in the latter part of the needle machine, which is composed of three cylindrical rollers with a diameter of 400 to 600 mm. The roller is filled with high-quality heat transfer medium fluid, and the heat energy is transferred to the surface of the roller through the pumping cycle and the roller rolling, and then the low-melting fiber in the product is melted and heated by the high temperature of the wheel surface and the high pressure between the rollers. Bonding and heat setting, on the one hand, accurately control the thickness of the product.

Chao Chiun ensures the uniformity of the thickness of the non-woven fabric based on experience and innovative technology. Chao Chiun 3 roll calender machine is equipped with a specific temperature adjustment device, also equipped with a displacement detection device, which can adjust the speed of the calender by itself. It allows you to set the machine processing according to different technical requirements.

Technical parameters

Working width 1000-6000mm
Production speed 5-50M/min
Max working temp 250℃
Heating systems Electrical heating
Thermal conductive oil circulation
Working pressure 10kg/cm
Roll surface Chromium plating
Adjusting of the roll distance Electric
Hydraulic cylinder
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